I was born March 15, 1946 in Strasbourg (67) in France

My passion for drawing comes from my childhood,
First, very young at school my painting skill was noticed by my art teacher. Later during my military service, my first attempt pencil portraits suggested by a room-mate make me persevere in this discipline.

Then, in the 90s, the first solo exhibition of feminine portraits in pencil which encouraged me to continue in this direction and to improve myself.
I am self taught, I have not done art school, I explain this facility to draw by godsend prompting to remain modest.

Over the years, with experience and hard work, my skill comes to an accuracy approaching a photographic aspect. My peers rank me among the most hyperrealistic. Depending on the complexity a drawing can request between 80 to 200 hours. One day a critic wrote that "I sculpted the microcosm of paper"

My paintings are inspired by pictures but I sometimes change them to my taste.
In 1997 I tried the technique of pastel and watercolor. It was my first exhibition of paintings in color.

My artistic approach is primarily to highlight the Light and the Water. They are often represented in my paintings because I believe that they are both symbols of Life; for me without them we would not exist.

Note that I only realize in drawing and pastel persona, landscapes are treated with pastel or watercolor.

In recent years I devote myself to sculpture and modeling. It allows me to work on 2D with paintings and 3D with sculpture and modeling.
My preferences go towards figurative painting as the Impressionists but I do not sulk works of Dali.

I do not do oil painting.


My artistic activity remains primarily a hobby, I am not professional ...